About Us

Origin of the name Yogakripa

Kripa stands for “compassion, kindness and deep sympathy.”
-Through kindness, we hope to offer yoga that will always be with you-
We took this belief that we uphold in our yoga and used it in our name.

It is commonly thought that compassion, kindness and deep sympathy are naturally occurring emotions. However,
without concentrating on cultivating these in our daily lives, they will not grow on their own.

For example, aren’t there times where you act out of impulse by overexerting yourself at work,
saying something hurtful in anger or making impulse purchases when shopping?
In our daily lives, we are sometimes unconsciously swept away by our emotions and succumb to impulsive behavior.
We may even hurt ourselves or the people who are important to us.

At Yogakripa, we begin by understanding the orientation of these emotions through the practice of yoga.
Some students become overconfident when doing poses and force themselves into unnatural postures,
while others place limitations on themselves and what they can do.
By understanding yourself and recognizing the orientation of your mind when doing an activity,
you will slowly develop a more composed state of mind and better control.

Should I really do this or say that? By working to be aware,
we are able to cultivate our minds.

For what purpose are we alive?
What are we seeking through all the tears, anger and joy?

It takes times of deep realization to understand the answers to these questions.
The moments spent doing yoga at Yogakripa will return you to neutral state.
Even if you have a busy day awaiting you tomorrow,
by looking into yourself you will find a more fulfilling day awaits you.

We hope to cultivate Kripa together with all those who share in Yogakripa’s beliefs.

Yogakripa Kazu


Yogakripa Kazu

Yogakripa Kazu

Hello everyone. My name is Kazu, and I am Yogakripa’s yoga teacher. I have met a lot of smiling faces and lively figures and have directly experienced the potential of yoga and the satisfaction of being a teacher since 2008. Yoga is a process for balancing and adjusting body, mind and spirit. By carefully learning breathing techniques and how to use your body, yoga helps you relieve the tension found in body and mind.
Watching students expressions become bright and calm through my lessons brings a smile to my face as well. Set in an at-home, relaxing atmosphere, I carefully instruct students in facets of yoga they can apply to their daily lives.

  • Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor(RYT-200)
  • Yoga Alliance Advanced Instructor (E-RYT200)
  • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider® YACEP)
  • Kripalu Center Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Rainbow Kids Certified Kids Yoga Instructor
  • Baby Yoga Massage Teacher
  • Instructor of Dr.Sato’s Lymphatic Care Method
  • Yura-hand Therapist
  • Trainer of Skin Drive System Basic

Me & Yoga


I began yoga in 2003. It started when I was attracted to the dazzling figures of the women going to my local yoga studio and thought “I want to be like one of these women too.” At the time, I was working in an office in Tokyo, was overwhelmed with work and felt unstable in both body and mind. I will never forget the exhilarating feeling I first experienced through yoga.
After that, as I earnestly carried out my studies, I came across the inward-focusing style of Kripalu Yoga and was deeply impressed by its focus on letting mind and body be just as they are. Slowly my unpredictable mental state began to stabilize, and my lifestyle became more relaxed. Through yoga I hope to provide support to those facing physical issues, daily stress, fatigue from raising children and various other troubles.

What I want to communicate through yoga


At Yogakripa, we place importance on the teaching of “Ahimsa (non-injury)” and strive to offer a yoga experience that anyone can enjoy. For example, we work to avoid injury from overexertion or the stress that comes from not being able to complete an exercise, which may lead to an unenjoyable yoga experience.
First, you will learn to understand the natural you, and without forcing it, open yourself up as much as possible at that time. Learning to value yourself leads to kindness towards others and a reevaluation of your human relationships. Why not try and find your natural self at Yogakripa and achieve beauty both inside and out while developing a positive outlook towards life? Give Yogakripa a try!