Sari 30’s

I started taking Kazu’s Yoga lesson when I found myself getting tired easily after my pregnancy for 2nd child. I wanted a change in my body. Kazu’s voice is very comfortable for me..it soothes my mind and guide my body movement smoothly. I find comfort in relaxing body, not only stretching, during every lesson. Breathing exercise gives me nice feeling too. I feel both my mind and body got refreshed after a lesson. Kazu arranges for lesson contents according to our conditions on that day, so lesson works great when I have any problem. Kazu’s personal character is wonderful too. I’m always looking forward to chatting with her. I can’t go without her weekly lesson to maintain my mind and body. I can listen to my body gradually now. It works during my daily life not only during lessons!

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Nozomi 10’s

What a nice, refreshed feeling! This is what I got after my first lesson at Yogakripa. They have relaxation time even in the end of intensive lesson. It doesn’t leave me with any muscle ache and I can keep enjoying lessons. (by Nozomi, 10’s)

Thank you for giving many wonderful lessons to my daughter. She seems to have lots of fun with each class, and she keeps telling me she enjoyed a lesson. She kept remind me that she get herself with yoga flow sequences found that her body got lighter while keeping balance without (pushing herself/contracting muscles). It looks like a very good experience for her. (by mother of Nozomi)

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Mina.T, 30’s

“Yoga for satisfaction in mind and body”
I met Yogakripa when I was exhausted for my first baby care with lack of sleep and dullness in my body. I actually wanted to just lie down rather than doing some exercise…
My first trial lesson gave me a surprise. The stiffness on shoulders and back got relieved. I could feel my over sensitive mind was also getting soothed. Yoga kripa offers small group lessons. You can feel their lesson see of your mind and body with you. Sitting on a Yoga mat in the studio with the nice island breez and greenery surely brings you to another world. It lets you relief, lets you accept what you are, not push yourself. I can enjoy time just for myself during family Yoga as their experienced babysitter takes care of my child.
This is Yoga which soothe students mindfully with no rash while listening to our mind. I get headache less than before and less stressed out with small things since I’ve taken Yogakripa’s lesson. I sincerly feel it’s nice to meeting Yogakripa.

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Megumi / Beginners, Deep Relaxation

Kazu makes sure that every pose uses only the right amount of strength. She takes into consideration your past injuries and current physical condition when conducting her classes, so you can enjoy yoga free from worry. She patiently instructs you on breathing techniques and the secrets to poses, and as you build up experience you can really feel your understanding of yoga deepening and enjoy gradually discovering your body.

6 months ago when I started taking classes, I was completely new to yoga. At first, I was worried about whether I would be able to keep up, but thanks to Kazu’s detailed instruction on poses and breathing techniques, I was able to relax and enjoy practicing yoga.
As you know, Singapore always has the air condition blasting in vehicles and buildings. My legs and ankles are particularly sensitive to cold which causes problems for me. I don’t know if my circulation improved through yoga, but now I feel like when my body gets cold it is able to warm back up much faster than before.

Regarding the studio, The studio is located on the first floor of a house that lets you enjoy the gentle breeze and sounds pouring in from outside. Being able to practice yoga in an open, peaceful environment really helps with concentration. (Kazu’s voice and atmosphere are a perfect match for the location) Even though everyone is doing the same pose at the same time in the class, it’s incredible how deeply you can concentrate. At times, it almost seems as if you’re practicing alone. Thanks to Kazu, I was able to realize that yoga isn’t only about poses. It is also about confronting your body and mind from a variety of different angles.

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Yuko / Studio yoga lessons

When I started the courses with Kazu, it wasn’t just about exercising, but also learning to listen to my body and mind and face my inner self. This was something I had never done before, but I was able to improve little by little. Thanks to the right instruction and gentle coaching of Kazu, I was able to open up my body. While listening to her gentle voice, it felt like my heart was opening up. Not only moving my body but also my mind while combining these movements together made me really happy. This is what yoga brings to me.
In Kazu’s courses, all types of lessons are available. If you work too long on the computer and suffer from stress, the shoulder and back pain class will help you stretch out your back, and with the teacher’s assistance, relieve tension in your shoulder blades. Your head, body and heart will be at peace, and you will enjoy a gentle sleep thanks to this deep relaxation class. For those who suffer from menstrual pain, having one class right before your period takes away the pains and lets it pass peacefully.
For students who feel the need to move, the Shape Up class concentrates on your body, and for the times you need a quieter class, the meditation group is perfect for relaxation and calming your mood.
I also really enjoyed the class I took with my daughter. My daughter is a very introverted girl, but thanks to Kazu’s gentle approach, we managed to achieve a relaxed atmosphere we rarely get at home. She laughs more and is able to follow the ballet class she is in and built up her self-confidence.
When she gets used to kindergarten and we have a little more free time, I would love to participate in the parent/child courses.
Lastly, I really enjoyed talking to the teacher before and after class. She taught me a lot of different things that helped me to relax even more. Communicating closely with the teacher and receiving the comfort her personality brings helped me open up body and mind more easily.

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Keiko / Yoga for Pelvic Alignment, Yoga for Reducing Stiff Shoulders, Back pain and Headaches

My body is stiff and unaccustomed to exercise. When I was invited by my friend and first experienced yoga, I never imagined I would get this into it. I didn’t have to worry about my stiff body or the people next to me, which I believe is thanks to the lesson being held in a comfortable, well-aired house without mirrors surrounding me. The sense of security provided by Kazu was really comforting, and I learned that it was okay to move at my own pace while focusing on my body and mind.

Issues such as my bow legs, tendency to hunch and inability to sit for long periods, which had bothered me for years, dramatically improved after only 3 months. This is thanks to the effectiveness of the pelvic class, which I really loved.

Being able to ask beginner questions concerning poses and breathing directly to the teacher through her blog also provided a shortcut to deepening my understanding of yoga. When you start to notice small changes in your body, it motivates you and doubles your enjoyment. One more reason I was able to continue practicing yoga is because there are various lesson times to choose from and you can adjust the classes to your schedule.

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Maki / Shape-Up, general yoga.

Since arriving in Singapore, I have started doing yoga on regular basis.
I tried hot yoga and practiced at a gym, when I used to live in Japan. I had already experienced the sense of relief after having done some yoga, and wanted to practice more seriously. After participating in Kazu’s class, I was able to enjoy that refreshed feeling again.

The teacher’s mood and voice, and the non-air-conditioned pleasant temperature of the studio makes it easy to concentrate, which is delightful.

I was most surprised by the level of growth I achieved with my body.

Since giving birth, the right side of my pelvis had felt cramped, and even painful at night, which I was able to comfortably correct. My period also began to end after exactly three days and my body temperature increased. I am less easily tired now as well. It was really interesting to witness all the changes my body underwent.

I like the Shape Up class a lot; from the sun salutation pose to the part where you really sweat. You practice balance, torque and concentration in this course, which is really good for me.

Kazu explained in detail how to use my body, and for the poses I could not achieve, she assisted me in reading my body until I properly understood them…

She teaches you the right way to train your body to achieve the best results, which is of great help.

Since I started taking lessons from Kazu, yoga has become even more fun and I want to learn more about it. Following each lesson, she explained various details and helped me do things myself, which is another reason why I want to participate in her lessons. I really am a fan of hers and one day hope to become as good as my teacher.

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Marico / Private lesson

I take my private lesson together with English-language speakers. This class reflects the kindness and attention found in Kazu’s style of yoga. At the beginning of every class, the teacher asks everyone how they feel and works out the program accordingly.

The movements aren’t just explained through words or by copying the teacher. She helps each student carry out poses and adjusts them in the process. Her care and attention were what made me decide to take the course.

Up until now, I have always been in classes where we had to copy the teachers’ movements. Here, however, she patiently taught me poses and how to use my body, so I was able to expand and develop my own style of yoga.

What was also an advantage was that she taught the lessons in Japanese and English through simultaneous translation in order for both Japanese and English speakers could take the lesson together. The teacher’s rich and extensive experience was very comforting.

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Ms. S / Together with children, Fun Fun Kids Yoga

Before starting yoga, I thought it would be painful or the instructor would be strict. But once I took part in the class, my feelings changed to “This is relaxing and feels good!” The teacher was nice and fun as well.

I started participating in these classes after going through orthopedic surgery and having yoga recommended to me by my doctor for rehabilitation. But when my kids got interested in it too, I looked for a class where we could enjoy it together.

A few friends recommended Kazu, so I decided to give it a try.

As kids are kids, always talking, playing and running around during classes, I was worried that I would disrupt my teacher and the other student’s lesson. The class, however, was perfectly suited for kids.

After starting the class together with my kids, my appetite improved, and I was able to enjoy eating more. I always had a weak stomach, but this got better as well. Of course, my rehabilitation also worked out great, and I was able to relieve my pain.

Kazu is a very nice and gentle teacher and matches the classes to each person’s rhythm and needs. Having little kids as well, she understands children’s learning processes, which was a relief. She makes use uses of easy-to-understand vocabulary that piques the interest of the children.

The yoga classes are really warm and inviting, all thanks to the teacher’s gentle personality.

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Kimberly / Private lesson

A wonderful class. Lots of personal attention. I feel mindful in body and mind during the class.

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Leanne J / Private lesson

I really enjoy Kazu's yoga class. I often have a painful lower back and it always feels better after Kazu's class.
See you on Soon

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Luanne T / Shapen your up,Backpain n Headache, Deep Relax

Kazu radiates positivity! Her teaching is always patient, encouraging the unity of body and mind. From the first gentle corrections she made to my yoga postures, I could feel her profoundly healing touch. Kazu is adept in massage and uses this skill to develop yoga routines targeted at physical discomforts such as backaches or headaches. She encourages a holistic approach to practice which strengthens the body, allowing it to support higher states of mental awareness and discipline. I sincerely thank Kazu for being an integral part of my journey towards a greater sense of self-acceptance and understanding.

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Mrs.Mucha / Deep Relax, Backpain, Meditation

Kazu is very, patience, thoughtful and accommodating - a great yoga instructor. I started yoga with Kazu last April 2015 and was hooked after the first class. I can see myself and other students always leave feeling more uplifted and inspired than when we came.

I have benefited from learning yoga as it can revitalize the body and bring tranquility to the mind. I felt my pain back pain is also getting a lot better nowadays. Yoga class is something I look forward to in my week.

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