Studio Lesson

Basic Classes Beginners Can Enjoy

  • Biginners

    Biginners (Unhurried/Swet)

    Enjoy yoga even if it’s your first time. Here, you will learn basic poses, the names of breathing techniques, how to use your body, methods for avoiding injury and points to concentrate on as you stretch each and every inch of your body. As this class studies how to deepen poses from an anatomical perspective, it is great not only for newcomers to yoga but also for those who wish to deepen their knowledge and technique starting from the basics. This class lets you experience aspects from a variety of other classes.

    As the name says, we carefully stretch and observe each part of body and relax deep muscle tissue slowly. Those who are not able to keep up with other Yoga class, those feeling its movement limited or those not feeling enough range of motion.

    This is a class for energy. Active stretching, where the body is moving and stretching dynamically using the basic principle of yoga pose. Those who prefer to move the body dynamically. Those who is likely to deepen their yoga pose.

    Recommended for

    Those new to yoga, those interested in methods for avoiding injury, those wishing to study yoga pose formations, those seeking moderate exercise, etc.

    Student feedback

    This class is great!
    Kazu makes sure the right amount of strength is put into each pose. She will adjust the lesson according to your past injuries and current physical condition, so you can practice yoga without a worry. She patiently teaches breathing techniques and the secret behind each pose. With each lesson you can feel your yoga improving and the understanding of your body slowly increasing, which is really fun. (Megumi)

  • Hatha Regular

    Hatha Regular

    After learning the names of poses and how to form them, you are ready for the next stage. Here, you will connect your yoga poses with breathing, challenge yourself with yoga sequences and receive instruction in techniques to deepen your yoga knowledge. Have fun with poses that use your entire body and continue this class as part of your daily training. These lessons also incorporate dynamic poses such as the sun salutation for an exhilarating experience that comes with a satisfying sense of achievement.

    Recommended for

    Those taking the next step after Beginners, daily training etc.

    Student feedback

    It was nice to be able to stretch and do exercises using movements and shapes that worked with my body without having to be totally focused on specific poses like I’ve experienced before. For each pose, she would instruct me on various points such as breathing, the position of my hands and feet and my line of sight. Thanks to the therapeutic effect of her voice and way of speaking, I ended up trying to make use of all of her advice even with difficult poses. Kazu’s instruction taught me a lot about psychology, bone structure, etc., and I was really surprised how I would practically need a nap after the workout I got from just one of her lessons. (Nozomi)

  • Deep Relax

    Deep Relax

    This class begins and ends with breathing techniques to relax both body and mind. You will relax yourself using poses that open up body and mind and restore their balance. This class encourages deep overall relaxation.

    Recommended for

    Those looking to relieve stress, improve sleep or alleviate chronic tension, etc.

    Student feedback

    I’ve been attending this class because it gives me time to relax once a week. Unlike your typical image of yoga, this class starts by placing your body in a relaxed position on a large cushion. Kazu patiently corrects each pose for every student individually, so you can work with your body at a your own comfortable pace. I recommend this class for those looking for relief from daily stress and fatigue. (Yurie)

Basic Classes Beginners Can Enjoy (Special course)

  • Nurture our mind with great yoga philosophy

    Nurture our mind with great yoga philosophy

    Yoga philosophy should be implemented daily. The habits you’ve created in your daily life reveal themselves on the mat. By studying the philosophy of yoga and implementing it each time you practice, this class teaches you to focus inward on your mind and the habits you have engrained in order to cultivate your mind.

    Recommended for

    Those who wish to deepen their knowledge of yoga, those who want a more abundant life, etc.

    Student feedback

    By taking a class on the philosophy of yoga, I again realized the intimate relationship between yoga and the mind. In particular, by practicing the affirmations and yoga poses studied in class at home, I was able to notice a change in my mindset. After moving to Singapore for business, I had a difficult time getting used to my new life and working environment and felt frustrated daily when things didn’t go how I had planned. But thanks to this lesson, I was able to recognize the ways my heart was calling out, which I hadn’t notice up until then. (Yurie)

  • Yoga for pelvic alignment

    Yoga for pelvic alignment

    This class works on balancing the body mainly through poses that address the pelvis according to anatomical theories. Together with breathing techniques, you will work to dynamically move and align your pelvis.

    Recommended for

    Those suffering from swelling, premenstrual syndrome, postpartum pelvic alignment, bow legs, knee pain, etc.

    Student feedback

    I was completely new to yoga, but thanks to Kazu’s patient, at-home style of instruction, I quickly became addicted to yoga. I suffered from work-related back pain and stiff shoulders, but after joining the pelvic adjustment class, I was really surprised! My pain subsided, and I got rid of my bad habit of crossing my legs. I look forward to every time I have a lesson. (Izumi)

  • Yoga for Reducing Backpain/ache n Headache

    Yoga for Reducing Backpain/ache n Headache

    Stiff shoulders, headaches and back pain are highly influenced by the spinal column and surrounding muscles as well as memory we have input in our brain. Centered on poses which address the spine, this class focuses on moving the spinal column and softening the surrounding muscles. By doing this, we are able to align the autonomic nerves and reduce pain.

    Recommended for

    Those suffering from stiff shoulders, lack of sleep, back pain, premenstrual syndrome, hormone imbalances, etc.

    Student feedback

    It felt really good to breath slowly and simultaneously relieve stiffness as the class progressed. When the lesson was over, I was always surprised when realizing how light my body felt. (Yoshika)

  • meditation


    Starting meditation is easy, but properly implementing it is extremely difficult. There are many different methods of meditation for those who are looking to deepen their meditative practice and develop new connections between body and mind.

    Recommended for

    Those who wish to connect body and mind, those who wish to deepen their meditative practice, etc.

    Student feedback

    Meditation is extremely profound. It is an incredible feeling. You will get to a point where you are not sure if you are asleep or awake. It’s like the flame of a candle that suddenly floats up into the darkness. The candle is always facing and shining light upon you. There were even moments where I felt no emotion at all. (Maki)

Intermediate- For Intermediate ~ Advanced Students

  • Shape Our Body up!

    Shape Our Body up!

    This class incorporates the sun salutation and poses for strengthening concentration and leads to a state of mindfulness while paying careful attention to the body. Riding on the wave of energy that surges forth inside when you begin to move, you will be surprised as you will feel your body opening up in the middle of your movements. This class works to achieve a nimble and tight body through the sun salutation and poses which stretch and squeeze your figure.

    Recommended for

    Intermediate students, exercise enthusiasts, those looking to improve their figure or shape up, etc.

    Student feedback

    The teacher checks each student’s poses individually in these small classes, so you know they are correct and that you are practicing yoga effectively. Some movements you practice over and over (sun salutation), and at first, your body is stiff and won’t really move the way you want it to. But as you continue the repetition, your body will begin to stretch and feel fresh, which is why I like this class. After the class, you feel better not only in body but also in mind, making it a really great experience. (Tomomi)

  • Strengthen your core

    Strengthen your core

    In this class you will strengthen your core through poses addressing core muscles. You will work to create firm muscles from the inside and a beautifully chiseled stomach. You can also challenge yourself with poses focusing on your torso, inverted poses and more. This class will help you with posing that is difficult to carry out alone without the support of a studio.

    Recommended for

    Intermediate yoga students, those seeking a flexible and firm body, those looking to deepen their poses or shape up, etc.

    Student feedback

    The day after your lesson your core muscles are guaranteed to be sore, which shows you are really using your core. I really like this class because I am able to practice poses with my teacher which I am not able to do at home. (Kei)

  • Ⅰ. I DO YOGA


    This energetic class focuses on opening up your body to its fullest extent, working towards your body’s edge and holding poses there for several minutes. (See Kuripalu Yoga for details)

    Recommended for

    Stage Ⅰ students looking to achieve Samadhi

    Student feedback

    This is a fairly intense class, so at times it will feel quite difficult in the middle of practice. You will get the sensation of energy swelling forth from areas deep inside your body where you thought nothing existed. This will feel strongest the following day. After the class you will be tired, but then you will find you don’t get fatigued as easily. (Y)


  • Ⅱ.  I DO YOGA×Yoga does U


    By taking your body to its edge and holding poses there, a strong energy that wells up from inside will begin to move, and you will enter a world of concentration, deep realization and awareness of your body’s habits. This class offers many of gifts through yoga.

    Recommended for

    Stage Ⅱ students looking to achieve Samadhi


  • III.  Yoga does YOU


    By letting go of conscious movement, entrusting yourself to the energy swelling forth from inside and allowing your body and mind to move freely (Yoga does you), you will achieve an awakened state of consciousness and, witnessing this, enter a world of transformation and self-integration. (See Kuripalu Yoga for details)

    Recommended for

    Stage Ⅲ students looking to achieve Samadhi


For Mums

  • Prenatal Yoga

    Prenatal Yoga

    This class features mild exercises suitable for women during pregnancy. Centered on poses which address problems associated with pregnancy, this class will teach you breathing techniques and how to move your body during and after pregnancy in order to prepare your body and mind for childbirth.

    Recommended for

    Those who are pregnant and looking for relaxation and moderate exercise.

    Student feedback

    The class was so enjoyable I didn't want it to end. I was beginning to have trouble sleeping, but thanks to just the right amount of exercise I was able to sleep great on days I had yoga. My stomach also began to soften and it felt like my baby had a bit more room to move. (Yuki)

  • Mums with bubs yoga

    Mums with bubs yoga

    This class lets mothers with children aged 0 to 4 bring their little ones to lessons so they can practice yoga free from worry. Here, you don’t need to be concerned about breastfeeding or your child’s crying during class. Focusing on poses that help mom’s body recover after childbirth, you will learn ways to interact with your child and obtain knowledge on yoga that you can apply to childrearing. (Breastfeeding during classes is okay)

    Recommended for

    Mums with small children, those looking to make friends with other mums, etc.

    Student feedback

    The teacher would ask me how I was feeling before each lesson and adjust the content accordingly, which let me enjoy a different style of yoga each time. (Hitomi)

  • Happy Yoga with Children

    Happy Yoga with Kids

    The flexibility and imagination of children is infinite. Why not learn to enjoy yoga together and cultivate your child’s flexibility and imagination with the whole family?

    Recommended for

    Those wishing to take yoga classes with their children, those looking to increase their child’s flexibility or physical ability, etc.

    Student feedback

    Kazu was really kind and patiently instructed us based on the condition of our bodies and minds. She also has small children, so she was really good at handling the kids, which was reassuring. She would explain things in ways children could understand, and they would get interested and enjoy the class as a result. It was a really welcoming yoga experience where you could feel the warmth emanating from the teacher. (S)

Special Massage & Alignments

  • Special Massage & Alignments

    Special Massage & Alignments

    These massage lessons follow our prenatal class and focus on pelvic alignment, stiff shoulders, back pain, headaches, meditation and relaxation. This special class incorporates alignment techniques intended to increase the effectiveness of other classes. You will be drawn into a world of comfortable relaxation. As this class is centered on careful individual instruction, it is reservation-only and limited to a max of 3 students.

    Recommended for

    Those looking to relieve pain and fatigue in addition to studying yoga.

    Student feedback

    This class was incredibly relaxing and, what’s more, had the effect of transforming the balance of my entire body. My bite even improved! (Yoshika)

Private Lessons

  • Private Lessons

    This program is entirely designed based on the objectives of the student and covers a variety of topics. You may reserve studio time or ask me to visit a designated location such as your house, condominium multi-purpose room or company meeting room.

    Recommended for

    Those looking for thorough instruction or who are easily distracted by other students, those looking to take lessons with a close group of friends, etc.

    Student feedback

    Yoga was completely new to me. Eventually, her lessons became so indispensable that it felt like my week wouldn’t start unless I had Kazu’s lesson on Monday. (F.K.)

    She would always ask me about any pain or tension I had before each lesson and adjust the class according to my flexibly, strength and physical condition. I was really grateful that I could take lessons at my own pace. (Yoshimi)

Green Yoga

Basic Classes Beginners Can Enjoy

  • Fun!Fun! Family Yoga

    Fun!Fun! Family Yoga

    Enjoy this class with family, friends, your significant other or even alone!
    This incredibly fun and creative experience is completely different from adult yoga.
    Laugh, move and have fun!
    From small children to adults, you can join in together and not only practice yoga but create it together. Take an incredibly creative family yoga journey as one! Even without children it's a great time.

    Recommended for

    Those looking to practice yoga as a family, those wanting to laugh, move their bodies and connect with others, etc.

  • Kob Khun Ka Thai Massages Together!!

    Kob Khun Ka Thai Massages Together!!

    Yoga for two with Thai massages
    You and your partner can enjoy massaging each other. By learning massage techniques, you will be able to give them at home to the benefit of both you and your partner.

Yoga Teacher Training(YTT)

Regarding Yoga Teacher Training, we must take much time for a while as the new studio is relocated.
We sincerely apologize for not realizing the teacher training.
We also appreciate your understanding and patience in any way.

E-RYT 200RYT 200

We also offer training to become a yoga teacher.
After completing your yoga training you can register as a RYT 200 with the Yoga Alliance, which is the world standard for yoga qualifications.

What is the significance of taking yoga teacher training?

There are numerous places in the world where you can study yoga, and many students can execute more beautiful poses than their teachers without having a qualification. It is of course possible to teach yoga without taking any teacher training, and not everyone who receives training possesses the skills to start teaching yoga the very next day.

Even after years of practicing yoga, accumulating training and teaching, there is no end; your yoga will not be perfect, and each practitioner must continue on their journey of discovery.

Teacher training is extremely effective in raising your base skill level and re-evaluating yourself for the purpose of practicing and teaching yoga.

In a word, yoga teacher training is the beginning of your search for your own personal style of yoga.

Think about a yoga teacher who influenced you

Was that person perfect?
Yoga is not about pursuing the perfect you or perfect pose. If anything, the essence of yoga is honestly and faithfully learning to face your imperfect self. Even if you are a yoga teacher, there is no need to be perfect. Yoga teachers injure themselves, have shortcomings and are shaped differently, which leads to differences in ability.

The most important thing about being a yoga teacher is to instruct your students safely and shine a light on the path they are taking in their own yoga journey.

At times, you will need to be a light shining brightly at the top of a mountain.
At others, you will need to be by their side illuminating the path beneath their feet.

I hope you will become a flame that lights the paths of a great number of students.

Why did you decide to take teacher training?

Each person has a different reason for starting yoga: building muscle, maintaining health, quieting the mind, deepening poses, etc. I want future teachers to possess the basics skills necessary to meet a variety of students’ needs and to carry a flame that will see beyond these needs.

Your students may take the first step to follow the light you carry immediately, or it may be the next day or even years later. At times, they may not progress at all. The decision in the end is up to them.
For teacher training, you will study the history of yoga, basic asanas and breathing techniques, anatomy, philosophy, Ayurveda and other basic knowledge. There will be a focus in particular on practical elements, and you will learn about stances to take as a teacher, methods for providing safe instruction of asanas, how to form classes, understanding yoga as a business and how to create classes and teach asanas for kids, prenatal and other specialized programs.

Through your training, I also hope you will begin pursuing a style of yoga that only you can teach.

Welcome to the profound world of yoga!


Lesson pricing

Studio lessons


  • $40/1 class
  • $350/10 classes
  • $600/20 classes
  • $1,250/50 classes
  • Special Massage
    $50/30min $70/45min
  • * Tickets may be shared with family and friends
  • * We offer special trials and promotions for first time visitors. Please inquire for details


  • $35/1 class
  • $300/10 classes
  • * Kids prices are for children 5 to 9 years old. Up until age 4, children are free

Private / Dispatch lessons

  • $150/1 class
  • $1,000/10 classes (up to 10 students)
  • $1,500/10 classes(11 students and up - max 15 students)
  • $110/1hr (no restrictions on class size)
    * Trial fees for first time visitors
    * Massage services are not subject to trial prices
  • Special Massage
    /10min~ *

Green Yoga

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