What's Kripalu Yoga?

KripaluYogaStages I, II & III

In yoga, poses and breathing techniques are focused on. By practicing the 8 limbs of the Yoga Sutra, Yoga essentially works to bring about deep realizations and self-acceptance in regards to daily life while leading to self-integration and a more fulfilling existence.

The 8 limbs are thought to be both a standard for daily practice as well as 8 levels leading to the attainment of Samadhi. According to certain schools of yoga, each respective step must be passed before proceeding onto the next.

At Kripalu Yoga, we keep 2 of these 8 limbs (Yama, Niyama) at the root of our consciousness while practicing another 5 (Asana to Dhyana) in 3 stages as we work towards Samadhi. Basic consciousness: Yama (5 moral restraints) and Niyama (5 moral observances)

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    Asana (poses) & Pranayama (breathing)

    In this stage, you will work on challenging your limits and deepening your yoga poses while maintaining a state of mindfulness. You will create a foundation for stable posing. By freeing your mind and controlling your poses and breath, you will open up your body to its fullest potential, approach your personal edge (limit) and hold poses there for several minutes.

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    I DO YOGA ×

    Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses) & Dharana (concentration)

    In this stage, you will concentrate on internal sensations that arise in both body and mind by confronting and checking the limits placed on yourself due to mindset. By holding a pose at your edge (I do yoga), your prana (life force) begins to move (Yoga does you) and the edges you have placed on your body and mind come into focus. This leads to large movements where you enter a world of deep realization and concentration.

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    Dhyana (reflection/meditation)

    In this stage, you will release your mind, entrust your body and spirit to the immense energy set in motion and observe the resulting state. By letting go of conscious movement, entrusting yourself to the energy swelling forth from inside and allowing your body and mind to move freely (Yoga does you), you will achieve an awakened state of consciousness and, witnessing this, enter a world of transformation and self-integration.

These 3 stages are carried out alternately and repeatedly.
You will listen to the state of your body and mind and accept each realization that arises as it is.
Kripalu Yoga can be utilized not only during lessons but throughout our daily lives.
We hope to help each of you achieve a little more happiness day to day through yoga.